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CDM25 vs MH17 – The Paradox of Being Malaysians

It was only about two days ago when the whole nation was abuzz with the steering lock saga of a

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5 Valuable Lessons Students Can Gain from the World Cup

It’s World Cup again and it’s the time when most students are also going through their final exam. For football

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MH370 Mishap: Menacing it the Malaysian Way?

At times of crisis, it does not take long for a proud Malaysian to stand up and arrogantly boast to

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India Introduces Its New Rupee Currency Symbol

The Indian Government has finally unveiled the new standardised symbol for Ruppe. It’s a combination of Devanagri ‘ra’ and Roman

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What Paul the Octopus doesn’t know…

I guess the whole world is now paying their attention to Paul the Octopus who accurately predicted all Germany matches

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Vote KEEMANXP.COM for Borneo Bloggers Award is running the very first Borneo Bloggers Award.  Eligible blogs need to fulfill certain criteria before deemed eligible to

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Donate to SCCS and I Shall Serve You Good with my Bald Head too

As previously posted in my post Be Bold, Go Bald 2010 in Kuching!, the Go Bald campaign is for real