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How to Recover Deleted Files from Formatted Drive Easily

Let’s face it, sometimes for no apparent reasons, your external drive could not be accessed and Windows forces you to

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SOLVED: Typing Lag or Slowness in Microsoft Word 2016, 2019 and 365

Users have been reporting typing lag or slowness in Microsoft Word 2016 and 365 for no apparent reason especially after

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How to Show Webcam While Screen Sharing on Facebook Live

This video explains how you could use Loom (for Chrome) to overlay your webcam view during Facebook Live Screen Sharing.

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Facebook Live Tips: Share Screen with Webcam View On

This quick guide shows you how to share screen via Facebook live without fully turning off your Webcam view. Facebook

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Create Khan-Style Whiteboarding Teaching Videos Rapidly

This video shows you how you can use Explain Eveything to create those screencasting videos used in Khan Academy. Pretty

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The Quick and Easy Way to Teach Online with ZOOM

This video explains the simple steps to start using ZOOM.US as one of the tools for your live teaching. The

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How To Make Your Own eBook with Google Docs

Although PDF is perhaps the most popular document format on the web, many eBook readers still choose ePub format. The main