It was only about two days ago when the whole nation was abuzz with the steering lock saga of a young lady bullying a senior citizen due to a minor accident. It went viral and the young lady gained instant fame in less than 24 hours. The viral “drama” went on amidst the incident in Sabah as well as constant pleas from Malaysians who are concerned about what is happening in Gaza. All of the sudden, the attention was diverted toward CDM25, in which almost everyone is interested to share their views on it.


(Photo from AFP)

Then came the sucker punch. The unexpected tragedy of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, which was allegedly shot down by Ukrainian (Pro-Russian) separatists. A Boeing 777 aircraft for flight MH17 was shot down on 17/7/2014. Too much of a coincidence with the magical number 7 that has long been associated with spiritual awakening and awareness in the field of numerology. Let’s not get carried away with the numbers, although I believe many religious groups will start using it as a tool to justify what they preach yet again, as happened in MH370 tragedy.

Often, we are so engrossed with what is trending on social networks that somehow reduces our ability to critically think. Perhaps not all, but quite a number of us are obsessed of being the “first to know” kind of person on social media or instant messengers. Trying to pour all kinds of so-called facts to be regarded as “I know all” type. Not to mention those who judge everything based on what they read and see on social networks and start pointing fingers or spread all kinds of racial slurs. How many actually step up and offer help?

It is indeed a troubled year for Malaysia. Some say it is karma, some say it is just mere coincidence, while others are busy digging out the facts on the Web just to pen conspiracy theories of their own. Not many are willing to spend more time reflecting on our contributions to the nation and start making a difference. Enough of hiding behind the laptop or smartphone screens, virtually shouting for change or lamenting every mishap that this country has suffered. Use the conscience to contribute and change for the better, my dear fellow Malaysians.

Thoughts & prayers to families of those tragically lost on flight MH17.


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