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Sometimes, I pity AirAsia and its Staff

Malaysians are kind of "annoying"  sometimes, especially when they started to complain without "thinking". I mean serious thinking. In this

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Earth Hour 2010: More than Just “Lights Off”

It’s Earth Hour 2010 and I think Malaysians are beginning to be aware of this event this year compared to

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Scam Alert: CIMB BANK BERHAD has given you an E-Gift Voucher

I received a surprised mail today and I thought it’s just too good to be true: I won RM500! What

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Teachers Beware: Facebook Student Stalkers Alert!

Alright! To all teachers who are happily showcasing their Facebook profiles out there, here is a reminder from the Ministry

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Malaysia’s Very Own F1 Team in 2010 – 1Malaysia

I have already thought that one day the Malaysian government will resort to this measure after knowing that BMW will

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Miss Venezuela Wins 2009 Miss Universe

Was watching this event live via StarWorld for the first time. Haha. Miss Venezuela was crowned the 2009 Miss Universe

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Urinate in Showers to Save Water

An animated video ad has been released in Brazil encouraging people to urinate in showers to save water. It has