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Yasmin Ahmad Dies at 51: A Big Loss to Malaysia

I have to admit, I burst into tears when I got the news on the passing of Malaysia’s renowned filmmaker,

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Tribute to Michael Jackson: World Tour in Kuala Lumpur 1996

It’s really sad that the world has lost a great music and entertainment icon. Controversial or not, Michael Jackson’s songs

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Swine Flu and Racism in Malaysia

I know, the title of this post just doesn’t make sense to most of you, but I was stunned to

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On Teaching of Maths and Science in English, Again

After my initial reaction on the demonstration by the Anti-PPSMI movement, I was prompted to elaborate further on my stand

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Wawasan Open University Postcard Contest

Good news, this is a brief highlight of the latest contest by Wawasan Open University in collaboration with Nuffnang. The

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World AIDS Day: Myths about AIDS

In conjunction with World AIDS Day (1 Dec 2008), I’m going to post on some of the top myths that most of us have when it comes to AIDS. A majority of the world population, especially Asians, are ignorant about AIDS and contribute to prejudice and stigma.

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Restore Their Rights!

In an attempt to promote the efforts initiated by What Rainforest?, i dedicate this blog post to inform all Malaysians