It’s World Cup again and it’s the time when most students are also going through their final exam. For football fans, who can resist this tournament that only happens every 4 years. The best teams of the World compete for the coveted FIFA World Cup trophy. Now, here are 5 valuable lessons that World Cup or to be exact World Cup matches can teach students.

1. Every test is like a must-win World Cup Match

Ghana v USA: Group G - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

Oh yes! Who would want to flunk in the exam. Every test is a must-win affair and students are willing to do anything, and I do mean anything to “win” it.

2. Revision and goals: Better late than never


Students tend to revise up until minutes before the exam. You can see them holding notes, mumbling to themselves right outside the exam venue minutes before a test begins. This is equivalent to World Cup teams trying to score goals up until the last second. And the satisfaction? Priceless!

3. Lecturers can be as unpredictable as the match referees


Well, they tell you one thing, test you the other! How common is that? Haha. Similarly, a World Cup ref can be unpredictably inconsistent in their decisions.

4. Sometimes you cheated and you got away with it


Just like in World Cup matches, some players dived or cheated the referee and got away with it. The same with some students, who managed to cheat and score high marks. Of course, there are also some unlucky ones.

5. Friends who studied less sometimes did better


It’s common to have smaller teams beating bigger ones at the World Cup, look at how Costa Rica beat Uruguay, which is packed with star players. Preparation sometimes does not equate performance. Your friends who so-called “studied less” could score better than you due to many other reasons. If that happens, don’t be surprised. Learn more, study less! 🙂

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