Finally, after 3 years…

Hmmm, UNIMAS is finally serious of moving to the new permanent campus, not far from the current temporary one. The library and some faculties have moved, yet my faculty is still in the waiting list. Next semester perhaps. Was glad to see Centre for Language Studies (CLS) has its own building and the design is cool! Pretty much for first class facilities, but the service and quality are still “third class”. Soon, i hope, UNIMAS could be one of the top University in ASEAN region or maybe Malaysia. One day, i hope. Anyway, back to assignments…. Hahaha :p

Back in CAMPUS…

Nothing much to blog lately…the week after Chinese New Year was so hectic that i fell ill. 🙂 With 4 assignments to complete within 5 days, i’m dying each passing seconds….hahaha….. Anyhow, if you guys miss me, just call/sms me!

Arsenal in Deep Crisis

It’s the worst season for Arsene Wenger. Arsenal lost yet again, and this time they succumbed to West Ham United 2-3. Arsenal now can only hope for a Champion’s League delight to mark the end of a gloomy season. But there is a good prospect for next season. Moving into the new stadium with large squad of young gunners, Wenger need to fix things fast to restore the confidence and regain status in English Premier League. Lost or win, I’m a forever Gunner!

Yeah! New Year, New Blog

Hello friends, i know some of you must be wondering what had happened to me for the past few months. Well, to tell you the truth, i was rather busy with my studies and some club activities. And due to some problem within my faculty, a lot of unexpected things happened, causing a lot of chaos. Anyhow, glad that everything is back to normal. We’re moving to the new campus as well, this time, it sounds serious and the library is already being moved there. This is the first post for the new blog theme, you can still check back on the old posts by clicking on the link above. Till then, Gong xi fa cai! Happy Chinese New Year! 🙂 P/s: The splash page…

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Oh My God! I Won A Gen-2!

My boring morning turned out to be a surprising one!! I was flipping through today’s copy of New Straits Times (NST) newspaper, when i had a shock of my life, seeing my name on the winner’s list of NST Masthead Drive Contest. The Shocking part is i WON THE GRAND PRIZE!!! Hahaha. I sent only 1 entry, and i got a Proton Gen-2. I’m surely the luckiest guy!


After weeks of hard work, i finally completed the UNIMAS TESL club webpage. The webpage is based on the ever popular Xoops content management scripts. This will allow the web team to update the website anytime, anywhere, without needing a specific HTML editor like frontpage or dreamweaver. I’ve been really tired lately, with all the work loads….looking forward to go back for the new semester….. Hmmm…time to take a nap….adios.

Morning News – As I woke up

Waking at five or so to white sky and various bird beginnings from exhausting dreams of past emotional encounters I can rest at last in a small room lying still considering whether to go back to sleep seeing the sky go colours of sunrise I begin to wonder how the tree looks and the wall downstairs in the shadow of the houses sleepers lie asleep in Kenninghall in diss in Mellis bliss behind the children’s eyelids all alone in morning silence what is peace if it is not loving indiscriminately others? watching over all human sleep and knowing there’s no need and every need to do so? what is peace but watching while being loved and cared for by the very clouds and trees and…

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