Windows Vista Makeover

Well, i know most of us have been waiting for ages for Microsoft to realease it’s much boasted Windows Vista 2007 (code name: Longhorn). But if you’re thinking of buying Windows Vista (original or pirated) and install in your PC, think twice or maybe thrice or even a dozen times before doing so. Why? Apart from it’s completely revamped look of its visual style and interface, there’s nothing much different from Windows XP. And to tell you the truth, it looks more and more like Mac OS X.  Here are few considerations before deciding for a change: The Pro Installation for Windows Vista has been improved and it’s more user-friendly. So, there should be no major problem for beginners or newbies intending to install…

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Passion for Football?

Oh God….i’m losing the sense of enthusiam in watching football. Not because Arsenal is performing below par in the EPL but i just can’t stay focus for more than 20 minutes, watching a single match. Age factor? Or maybe i finally realise there’s more than football in life? Or i’m just too tired, getting out of bed so early in the morning? Whatever it is….i’m losing it. I’m really losing it. Losing the passion for football.

Muddied Water

There it was again, the sound of fury Echoing from the vast paddy field and Pierced into my ears like Pok Su’s kris Penetrating the innocent lime as Sudden rush of fright hustled through my body I was wet and nude, with my soggy dirty pals All rushing to seek asylum from that fearful sound. Jusoh, Wani, Jali and I, running naked in the bendang Terrified yet our faces were decorated with bright smile And melodious laughter accompanied each step that we took As the coconut trees dance to the addictive tune of Mak Yong Seemed begging to be part of our little world We could not stop to grant them permission as Our tired footsteps trotted the red dusty route back home Alas! Jusoh,…

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Haha…miss me eh??

Hello friends, i know you all miss me, i’m such a lovable being. Haha. Just kidding. Anyway, i think i should be repeating this, i’ve been busy with many things lately (as always). With my final year project in progress, Xcube newsletter thingy and not forgetting all those assignments. Well, i’m used to it. Yet, still got time to watch the match between Man Utd and Arsenal, and again, the Gunners made my “sacrifice” worthy. Entertaining football from Arsenal and hopefully, they can remain consistent and challenge for the title. Wenger is the man! 🙂 Ahhh…before i continue my assingment, let me continue my Football Manager 2006…. adios!!

Back to YAHS

Yes! Finished my 11-week teaching practice in SMK Sungai Tapang. Well, it’s a mixed feeling though. Been enjoying myself in that school teaching both 4A and 4H. The students there may be a bit naughty but they deserve to get a better education. I give my very best to help them. Unfortunately, it’s kind of too short. 11 weeks minus 2 weeks of holidays and 2 weeks of examination, i only have 6 weeks of lesson with them. I do hope they learnt something as much as i’ve did. Well, back to YAHS. Yet another Hectic Semester. This semester, i have to deal with the final year project (thesis). Already have the drafts and plans, waiting to be executed. Well, it’s glad that we’re moving…

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Haha…Didn’t post for a long time

It’s been a long time since i last blogged. Anyway, it’s not that i don’t want to but i just can’t find some time to go to the Jinki cyber cafe and log in to my blog. Been busy with teaching practice here. Posted to the notorious school of SMK Sungai Tapang, it’s been a rather interesting experience for me. Haha, it seems like i learn more than i teach. I have two semester left, meaning i’m in my final year and going to deal with the Fatal Year Project. Have been doing some planning for my FYP, but still struggling to decide where exactly to start. Arrhhh…enough of studies, world cup is coming and i’m going to enjoy every moment of it!!!!

Hectic Hectic March

Well, it’s a cliche, i know. But this month is one of the most hectic ones. Two mega projects coming, community project and motivational camp. Assignments keep piling in as well. Arrhh….don’t know what to say, but Arsenal will meet Juventus anyway! 🙂


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