After weeks of hard work, i finally completed the UNIMAS TESL club webpage. The webpage is based on the ever popular Xoops content management scripts. This will allow the web team to update the website anytime, anywhere, without needing a specific HTML editor like frontpage or dreamweaver. I’ve been really tired lately, with all the work loads….looking forward to go back for the new semester….. Hmmm…time to take a nap….adios.

Morning News – As I woke up

Waking at five or so to white sky and various bird beginnings from exhausting dreams of past emotional encounters I can rest at last in a small room lying still considering whether to go back to sleep seeing the sky go colours of sunrise I begin to wonder how the tree looks and the wall downstairs in the shadow of the houses sleepers lie asleep in Kenninghall in diss in Mellis bliss behind the children’s eyelids all alone in morning silence what is peace if it is not loving indiscriminately others? watching over all human sleep and knowing there’s no need and every need to do so? what is peace but watching while being loved and cared for by the very clouds and trees and…

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Dah lama tak update blog. Dah lama tak online. Banyak yang berlaku sejak akhir-akhir ni. Datuk yang dikasihi baru jer meninggal minggu lepas. Ayah pulak asyik keletihan. Sometimes, i really feel i’m useless. Can’t do anything to help. But i know all i can do now is to concentrate on my studies. By the way, i already got my last semester results and to my surprise, it’s better than my expectation! At least i got something to cheer about in this sad and painful week. Hmmm…got to go now…Take care all my friends (If you’re reading this.)


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