WordPress team has just released the 3.1 version, packed with more user-friendly features. This time around, the WordPress team did some subtle but very useful changes to the admin interface and tools. This is in fact the 14-th version of one of the top blogging platform in the world. Well, this is a quick overview on some of the new features.

1. The Visible Front-End Admin Bar

This is the same feature available for WordPress.com users. You can get access to basic editing functions from the front-end of your blog once logged-in. Quick handy for those creating WordPress sites for clients. This function can be turned off under your Profile settings.

2. Internal Linking

With WordPress 3.1, you are now able to do quick linking to all your published posts without having to copy the permalinks or URL manually.

3. Easy Search for Posts

The posts admin area has been improved with Ajax functionality that doesn’t require you to reload the page when searching for your posts. Pretty hand and time saving!

4. Blue Theme Option is Refereshed


A complete list of changes are available here.


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