If you’re a blogger and would like to make some income from it, you can count on Google Adsense, an advertising program by Google Inc. There might be many tutorial out there, but most are rather complicated for newbies. One way to begin is to look through a list of useful video tutorials to provide you a general understanding of Adsense and how to start earning from your blog.


So, if you need to some guidance to kickstart an income plan for your blog, then watch the following videos:

1. Welcome to Google Adsense

2.Make Money on Blogger with Google AdSense

3. The New AdSense Interface: The Tour

4. AdSense Tips: Consider Your Content When Adding New Units

You might want to read my post on  How to Earn Money with Adsense: Bloggers’ Guide as well.

Happy Blogging and Happy Earning!


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