Apple iPad 3G with Maxis WiFi Modem: Interactive Reading On The Go

One of the good things about having an Apple iPad is the ability to download various apps that can provide you rich content. I personally (and perhaps most of you out there) enjoy downloading various reading materials available for iPad such as newspapers, magazine and books. And when paired with Maxis WiFi modem, you get to do it anytime, anywhere, even when there is no free WiFi available. You can even share the connection with friends at a meeting place and spread the love!

I have recorded a video demonstrating briefly some of the interactive reading content savailable for iPad. These include daily newspaper, e-magazine like Going Places as well as the e-books which are accessible via iBooks. By carrying only an iPad, you can “feed” it with hundreds of these reading materials and read it whenever you like.  With the Maxis WiFi modem as a “companion”, it allows you to download the latest materials seamlessly.

( The Star eNewspaper app for iPad)

( Going Places – MalaysiaAirlines developed by TeratoTech)

There are of course plenty more magazines and newspaper app specifically for iPad which are available for free. They are accessible via the Apple App Store or  iTunes. You can view the video below for a quick demonstration of how those e-reading materials look like.

The Video



Trust me, reading on iPad will make you gay…as in merry! Haha 🙂


  1. Khairul says:

    My friends always said reading on iPad is damn nice, but I don’t think I can afford it! It’s an expensive “toy” that one wishes to own… that iPad 2 is coming, maybe the price for iPad can be slahed?

  2. Mina Wee says:

    How much is the Maxis WiFi modem? Is this fast and reliable???

  3. Ah Kitt says:

    Hahaha…if the magazines and newspaper app are free…can enjoy lah. The books on ibooks, are moslty paid apps or not available right??

  4. Manjit says:

    I didn’t know Going Places is available on iPad too!! Thanks for that!

  5. Lilian says:

    Oh Yeah!!! I enjoy reading on iPad these days! No more carrying of books when I travel.

    By the way, how to sign up for the Maxis WiFi Modem?? Is the broadband fast and reliable too?

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