Owning a blog and wanting to earn from it requires time and effort to ensure that the blog earns enough exposure to be visited by many readers. While there are a lot of methods to lure visitors, the primary aim is to make sure the blog contains quality content. Some would depend on marketing automation software (which can be rather effective), but there are actually several free tips to market your blog or websites. Here the 10 tips that might be useful:

  1. Use good SEO plugins or tools for your blog. Search Engine Optimisation is crucial to make sure your blog is searchable. 
  2. Tag each of your post with proper keywords
  3. Enable automatic trackback and ping efficiency.
  4. Subscribe to ping services like ping.sg
  5. Submit RSS feed and Blog URL to prominent RSS feed and Blog directories.
  6. Engage in a regular link building campaign.
  7. Allow users to subscribe your posts via Email.
  8. Always respond to comments on the blog and thank users for significant comments within a post.
  9. Use social networking services, boards and discussion threads to get in touch with other bloggers.
  10. Research and comment on relevant industry related blogs.

Like in lead scoring technique, bloggers should know how to market their blogs according to the niche. Being active is the key as that would eventually pull more traffics.


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