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Pepper the Robot Goes on Sale in Japan this Weekend!

Pepper goes on sale in Japan this coming weekend, but in advance of that launch SoftBank has revealed that Alibaba

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Di Sebalik Nilai Segulung Ijazah

Setelah hampir tamatnya minggu pertama kuliah untuk semester baharu, saya terpanggil untuk berkongsi sedikit pandangan dan luahan hati tentang nilai

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My Tweet on C.G.P.A. That Went Viral

On the day (28 Jan 2015) when two first-year students came to see me regarding their poor results for Semester

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TMgo 4G (LTE) Broadband Expands to Sarawak

Good news to Sarawakians, the highly anticipated TMgo 4G Broadband has finally expanded to Sarawak with good coverage in major

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CDM25 vs MH17 – The Paradox of Being Malaysians

It was only about two days ago when the whole nation was abuzz with the steering lock saga of a

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5 Valuable Lessons Students Can Gain from the World Cup

It’s World Cup again and it’s the time when most students are also going through their final exam. For football

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MH370 Mishap: Menacing it the Malaysian Way?

At times of crisis, it does not take long for a proud Malaysian to stand up and arrogantly boast to