Maxis launches NeXT M1, the first all-in-one 4G smartphone

You might have heard of a new device being introduced in the market. Well, you heard right. Today, Maxis announced its entry into the 4G smartphone market by launching its own branded device called NeXT M1, a powerful 4G phone that offers an unmatched ownership experience and a ready to use plan. Customers can enjoy this all-in-one smartphone with no upfront payment for RM78 a month. NeXT M1 will be available via the Maxis Online Store (, as well as all Maxis Centres and Maxis Exclusive Partners (MEP) beginning tomorrow, 3 March.  Here’s what customers can enjoy with this all-in-one phone offering: Powerful NeXT M1 device – a high-specs 4G smartphone with a large 5.5” HD display, 13MP AF camera, and octa-core processor Ready to…

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TM Streamyx and UniFi Free Upgrade Thank You Surprise

Yay! Free upgrade by TM is here. Based on the Broadband Improvement Plan announced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak in his Budget 2017 speech, TM is offering free speed upgrades to its existing customers across its services TM Homeline, and Streamyx and UniFi for residential customers. The offers are valid before February 2017 and it benefits UniFi customers the most. Those on Unifi Advance Plan 30Mbps (megabits per second) will be upgraded to 50Mbps, for instance. If you are subscribed to multiple services, you will get speed upgrades to all of them as long as you are eligible. The disappointing part is for Streamyx customers. Instead of getting a free upgrade for speed, you’ll be offered several Webe Mobile packages as well…

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Singapore-based Paktor Acquired Dating App DOWN

The controversial “Bang With Friends?”, later rebranded as Down, was surprisingly acquired by Singapore-based dating startup Paktor (which literally means dating in Cantonese) After raising just $1 million, it was a “positive outcome” for investors like Tim Draper. Paktor has pulled in more than $50 million from investors, including a recent $32.5 million round in October  it is focused on Asia but also has services in Latin America, the U.S. and Europe. Colin Hodge, founder and CEO of Down, is joining the Paktor team and will keep both the Down and Sweet apps operating. Not sure how Down will fare in Asia, but hey, pay attention to it soon.

How To Make Your Own eBook with Google Docs

Although PDF is perhaps the most popular document format on the web, many eBook readers still choose ePub format. The main reason is ePub document is responsive to different screen sizes and font sizes/types are easily adjustable. Plus, you can read en ePub book using various apps including Google Play Books. Now, you don’t need some expensive software to convert your documents to ePub format, as you can do so via Google Docs. Write a document in Google Document, or upload an existing Microsoft Word file to your Google Drive, go to File menu and choose download as EPUB publication. For students, you can even convert your notes into this format and read them using eBook reader apps. Enjoy!      

WhatsApp is now Free and Ad-Free for Now

In a blog post, Facebook-owned WhatsApp finally announced that it will be fully free! The minimal US$0.99 subscription fee (after free use for 1 year) is not longer applicable to all users. This is a great move by WhatsApp since many users have switched to other platforms once their free subscription is over. The growing competition actually comes from Telegram and WeChat which are available for free (although the later seems to be filled with ad-based texts messages). The company stated that: “Many WhatsApp users don’t have a debit or credit card number and they worried they’d lose access to their friends and family after their first year. So over the next several weeks, we’ll remove fees from the different versions of our app and…

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UniFi Coverage Expands to Contempo, Kuching-Samarahan Expressway

It’s a long wait for Kota Samarahan folks, as UniFi coverage (despite its attractive plans) is still very limited. Up until January 2016, the coverage areas only include very limited surrounding areas after the Kota Samarahan Bridge that overpasses Sungai Kuap. Latest in the coverage area is Contempo Commercial Centre which is across the road from the Tiya Vista. TM should really consider expanding the coverage to the university areas in Kota Samarahan since the population of students are growing rapidly and they are in need of decent broadband connection.      

Social Media: Jadilah Seperti Rashid – A “Be Like Bill” Copy Cat

Malaysians are all frenzied with the sudden appearance of “Jadilah Seperti Rashid” or Be Like Rashid on social media. While many were not aware, Be Like Rashid is a merely a copy cat of “Be Like Bill” at least in terms of the approach. Of course, Be Like Rashid is shared in the Malay language (Bahasa Malaysia) and some of the scenarios shared are localised content.                     Well, it’s good to see the “movement” is receiving huge followers, just hope that they don’t manipulate the situations and start claiming they are original. Obviously, “Be Like Bill” inspired their existence.    


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