Another e-hailing or rideshare service was officially launched (they were called Diff at first) catering for Klang Valley at the moment. What makes it standout is that it only charges RM5 per day for its drivers, instead of imposing a cut from each fare. So if the drivers earn RM100 per day from the fare for example, he/she only needs to pay RM5 to Diff. It does sound cool to drivers isn’t it? Well, if they get riders of course.

Based on what I tested, the app looks simplistic and half-baked. There were problems with social network linking and even signing up is buggy at first. This would surely hinder potential passangers to trust it.

At the moment there is no “pull” factor as Grab has kind of matured in its Rewards system to the passangers. If Diffride aims to be different, they need to relook at their business model as well. RM5 per day for thousands of riders, doesn’t really sound convincing for a company which aims to go beyond the Klang Valley. Good luck though!

Both the Diffride passenger and driver-partner apps are available for download on Google Play and Apple App stores.


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