On 7th March, Hotlink,  Malaysia’s no. 1 prepaid service from Maxis Berhad, launched Hotlink BAGUS, the innovative all-in-one prepaid plan that gives customers access to the lowest rates in five integrated value propositions – Voice Calls, SMS, Surfing, IDD (International Direct Dialling) and Roaming – for just RM5. With an additional commitment of RM5 (BAGUS 5), customers will enjoy even lower rates, as well as free data of 10MB.

(Photo from: Maxis Standing From left: YM Raja Tan Sri Dato Seri Arshad Uda, Chairman of Maxis Berhad, Sandip Das, Chief Executive Officer, Maxis Berhad, and Suren J Amarasekera, Joint Chief Operating Officer, Maxis Berhad, launching Hotlink BAGUS.)

For new customers, they will only need to purchase the RM5 Hotlink BAGUS starter pack. The FIVE value propositions of Hotlink BAGUS:

1. Talk

Under the Hotlink BAGUS plan, customers can enjoy almost 50% savings on all calls to Hotlink and Maxis numbers, by just maintaining a RM10 balance in their Hotlink BAGUS plan. With BAGUS 5, even lower rates of12sen/min will apply, translating to savings of up to 70%.

2. Text

Under the Hotlink BAGUS plan, customers will enjoy up to 50% savings on all text/sms to Hotlink and Maxis numbers instantly with hotlink BAGUS plan without any hassle. With BAGUS 5, customers will enjoy just 1 sen / SMS, translating to savings of up to 90%.

3. Surf

The Hotlink BAGUS plan offers customers bite-sized passes at affordable rates. The plan essentially allows for flexibility in managing customers’ mobile internet surfing needs. Under this category, BAGUS offers the lowest 1-day Mobile Internet Pass at RM2 for 100MB, or 1-Week Mobile Internet Pass at RM8 for 100MB (equivalent to 500 web pages or 1,000 emails).

4. IDD

In December 2011, Maxis launched its IDD132 to 10 countries (Indonesia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Nepal, China, India, Myanmar, Cambodia, Pakistan, Vietnam) and since then, there has been a surge in minutes of use (MOU) to all these countries, particularly Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan and India. With such a demand, in February 2012, Hot IDD132 was extended to 50 countries. Today, IDD under the BAGUS plan offers the lowest call rates (30 second charging block) and savings of up to 70% to the world (233 countries), all day long, seven days a week, and even lower rates for selected migrant countries which include Nepal, China, India, Myanmar and Pakistan.

5. Roam

With the Hotlink BAGUS plan, customers can enjoy the lowest Prepaid Data Roaming rates at RM5/MB (up to 50% savings) to 10 countries (all operators) for international surfing needs. The 10 countries include Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Macau, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.

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