Maxis10 Review: Apple iPad and Maxis WiFi Modem

Yes, you’re right, this is my second stint as a Maxis10 Reviewer! Haha. So, as the post title suggests, this time around I have been selected by Maxis to review Apple iPad 3G+WiFi and Maxis WiFi Modem (E5832). I’ll be reviewing both items for about two weeks starting 18th February 2011.

Despite its slightly bulky box, iPad comes only with the charger, a manual card as well as the pin to insert the MicroSim. I know, you might be asking why am I reviewing this when iPad has been in the market for quite some time and there are tonnes of reviews out there!  Well, the main difference is I am going to review it together with Maxis WiFi (E5832) modem as well. The modem allows sharing of broadband connection (up to 5 devices) via HSDPA/3G/EDGE/GPRS networks. The good thing is, it’s powered with built-in battery that could last for about 5 hours! Hence, you can enjoy surfing the Internet on the go!

Anyway, I will be getting the modem as well as signing up the Maxis’s 3.5GB iPad data plan on Monday (21 Feb 2011) – Got it! Thanks to Ms. Liew at Kuching Maxis Centre! Once that is done, I’ll be checking the connection speed of the modem around Kuching-Kota Samarahan and nearby districts (Serian, Bau, Lundu). So if you see me outside your areas, please don’t be afraid! Haha.

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The Review Posts

These are the posts made for the review so far:

1. Maxis Mobile WiFi Modem: A Quick Glance [Video Included]

2. Apple iPad 3G with Maxis WiFi Modem: Interactive Reading On The Go [Video Included]

3. Maxis Mobile Broadband WiFi Modem: The Good and The Bad

4. iPad: Touch Your World in a Whole New Way (Montage)

5. iPad: We Love You at Work too (Maxis10 Montage)


  1. ZoOL says:

    Wow.. lucky.. very lucky.. have fun with your iPad XD

  2. Seirin says:

    Wow…congrats!!! Can’t wait for the report on the Maxis WiFi modem speed!! Hopefulyl it’s fast here in Kuching

  3. Hope the modem speed is fast and consistent !

  4. Alissa says:

    You just make me wanna get that Maxis WiFi modem! haha, not for iPad but for my netbook….

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