Maxis Mobile WiFi Modem: A Quick Glance

When we talk about the mobility of Internet access, not only the speed is important, the ability to share the connection with multiple devices is perhaps equally pivotal. Well, thanks to Maxis WiFi modem (E5832), you can do just that. You can share your broadband access with your friends and family without the need to use the conventional WiFi modem which is usually confined by the length of the power cable as well as the dependency on fixed telephone line. The E5832 is small enough to fit your pocket and stable in ensuring consistent connectivity.

I managed to try out the modem and record a quick video introducing it to you. Plus, the video also includes my first Maxis Broadband (iPad plan – 3.5GB) speed test at my current location, Desa Ilmu Kota Samarahan, Sarawak. The test server location is Kuala Lumpur. Of course, I’ll be reviewing this modem and the iPad more in the coming day! 🙂

The Video

Where to Get The Maxis WiFi Modem (E5832)?

The Maxis WiFi modem (E5832) is available RM280 for 6-month contract and RM380 for no contract. You’ll have to subscribe to Maxis Broadband plans to be able to purchase the modem.


  1. Mei Feng says:

    Wow…rather fast there. Can you test other areas in Kuching?

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