Good News: Facebook Introduces Social Plugins to Socialize the Web

Though Facebook Connect will be ceased soon, the Facebook team has actually come up with more useful features via its newly introduced Open Graph API/Protocol. One of them is the Social Plugins for website developers to use and integrate. These plugins allows developer to make it easy for users to see information from or about their Facebook friends, share things with their friends without leaving a site or going through a time-consuming login process. This is indeed very good news though some quaters have raised concern over the privacy issues.

To me, privacy has always been a responsibility of the users and we cannot rely 100% on apps or websites to protect our information or activities on the web. Hence, Facebook’s efforts in introducing the Social Plugins should not be seen as a threat, rather as a tool to socialize the web. Now, currently there are about eight plugins available via Facebook Developer’s Page, which include the recently launched "Like" button.

These plugins are indeed very useful for website developers. It also helps to drive traffics and seamless sharing of information. I guess, it’s only a matter of time that Facebook will become the one-stop website for all web users.


  1. Kevin says:

    That mean every website can plugin to facebook?

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