I received a surprised mail today and I thought it’s just too good to be true: I won RM500! What a way to start Lunar New Year? Haha. Yeah right. At first glance, the mail looks convincing with its terms and condition stated like an actual voucher giveaway. I quickly check the links and sender email address and as expected, it was not from CIMB or CIMB Clicks. Plus, Firefox reported web forgery once you clicked on the ads. It was attempted as a phising site in which you need to log on to your CIMB clicks account to claim the voucher. I guess a lot of you are smart enough to identify it. Just posting this in case some of you are wondering whether it’s true.

See the long list of terms and conditions below:

I have notified CIMB on this and if you have received the same email, just delete and ignore it.


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