Steve Jobs is one of the most polished and effective presenters in the world. With his magnificent delivery, it’s rather hard to think that he’s a college drop-out. In his presentations as in many of his keynotes during Apple product launches, he doesn’t use any bullet points in his presentations, the slides are free of any jargon with minimal words but they have photographs and headlines that are hard to forget. To emulate him is of course very difficult, but you can perhaps learn some of his trades. I personally practise to deliver a presentation like him whenever I presented my papers at conferences (still learning though, so still not good enough).

How to Deliver a Presentation like Steve Jobs

If you like to learn some of the techniques and styles that make Steve Jobs such a great presenter, here’s some excellent advice (embedded video and slides) from Businessweek columnist Carmine Gallo, who is also the author of the book — The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs. Of course, it would be good if you can get hold of the book and learn more of his techniques. You can also search for more of his videos on YouTube and try to “imitate” his style!

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