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I’ve been doing an experiment for the last 3 months using Global Translator(as you can see on the right sidebar) plugin on my WordPress-powered blog. My assumption prior to installing this plugin is that, by allowing my blog content to be translated into various languages (though not 100% accurate), I can reach out to more readers. So, I noted down my blog traffics and compare the difference after 3 months (starting from 1 December until 28 February). The result I get from Google Analytics is as follows (click to enlarge view):


For December, my total unique visits is 12,197, which is approximately 393 visits per day. Now, I was amazed to see that almost doubled in February. My blog received 22,944 unique visits with an average of 820 visits per day. A browse through on the analysis of my content showed that I’ve been receiving a lot of hits from keywords of other languages, top on my list are Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese and French. Now, that practially sums up everything! With increase in traffics, I increase my earnings on Adsense and Nuffnang.

The key strength of Global Translator plugin by Nothing2Hide as compared to other language translation plugins is that it is Search Engine Optimized. What I like about this is that, the translated version of your content would be embedded with your permalinks. It uses the permalinks by adding the language code at the beginning of all your URL. For example, the German version of my blog is available via and the Japanese version is at So, by having this, it’s more user-friendly and can be crawled by search engine easily. Meaning, instead of having your blog searched via English keywords, your content can be searched using keywords of 41 languages. Though not accurate (some with serious grammatical errors) but at least the key phrases of your blog content can be comprehended.

Another strenght of this plugin is its caching system. It’s powerful and fast and reduces risks of being banned by translation engines like Bable Fish and Google Translation Tool.

So, I suggest to all bloggers (WordPress-based) who are looking for various ways to increase their blog traffics to try out this plugin. It would perhaps increase your blog accessibiliy and hence attract more visitors. Give it a try and see the difference!

More info on Global Translator plugin is available at the creator’s page, Nothing2Hide



  1. orait bro. cayalaaah!

  2. Cyril Dason says:

    Wow!! Now I know why you get such ranks!!

  3. keeman says:

    @Loq: Eh…what’s up bro? Lama tak dengar khabar.

    @Cyril: Hahaha….that’s one of the method. The best is still All-In-One SEO plugin for WordPress. Try it out.

  4. santo says:

    Secondo me un sito web con un target sbagliato oltre a fare più traffico non porta alcun vantaggio.

  5. Steve Yu says:

    Very detailed explanation. Yes, every wordpress users (sorry to blogspot users) should try Global Translation.

  6. twenty-six says:

    thanks bro..really helps!

  7. KeeMan says:

    No problem. Sayang sekali, versi BM belum ada. Haha. Tak payah duk tulis blog post dalam dua bahasa cam che det.

  8. Simonn says:

    As I browsed through a tones of sites, I feel I should even internet market my site. I’m basically a computer graphics person, but I sometimes feel that it will be time consuming, but what’s also the harm in doing it.

  9. twenty-six says:


    gua dah cuba untuk beberapa bulan ini..dan ianya menjadi!

    terima kasih

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