Got this from DownloadSquad and it’s good to note that you can actually make good use of social-networking sites like Facebook to help manage your classes. Apart from downloading game apps like Mafia Wars or Restaurant City, school students can try out the following useful apps:


Notely is a comprehensive system for to-do list, homework planning and events. The Facebook app is just one way to keep track of that: there’s also a web version of Notely, and an iPhone app. It’s all available with a free account at


Courses is a beefed-up version of a feature you might remember if you’re a long-time Facebook user. It lets you list your current course list on your profile and find other people in your classes. What’s more, it works as a class discussion board, video chat, place to put your weekly assignment schedule, and place to store files.

JStor Search

A lot of college students will already be familiar with JStor, but for any high schoolers or incoming freshmen, here’s the skinny: JStor is a database of thousands of journal articles that make great sources and background reading for any paper you might have to write, across a broad range of subjects. This application will let you search JStor from within Facebook, and might also serve as a reminder to get to work instead of looking at last night’s party photos.

Rate My Professors

Whether you’re using it for information or just for entertainment, Rate My Professors is a one-stop shop for info on your instructors. Past students discuss everything from how engaging the material was to how ridiculously the professor dressed, so you can take all of this with a grain of salt and possibly use it to help you choose classes.


Here’s one that could save you a lot of time. CiteMe lets you search for a source you want to cite, and generate proper citations for it in all of the major academic formats. If you’ve ever taken a selection of classes that forces you to use MLA for one paper and APA for another, you know how useful this is.

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