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Check Out Who Rocks!

I was reading my cousin Richard’s blog, when i found out about Hurox! And i think it’s worth sharing it

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Love Poem for a Fat Girl…

Have you ever done a search on Google or Yahoo! for phrases like “chua soi lek friendster layout“? If so,

Current Issues

What if there were no Women in this world?

I guess the debate regarding which gender is better has been haunting human for a very very long time. In

Life Bytes

The Voice of a Serial Dang-er

WARNING: What you’re about to read may tease you, scare you or even haunt you for the rest of your

Life Bytes

Celebrate Every Day

Everyone is still buzzing around collecting ang pows, visiting relatives, or perhaps boasting your achievements to every old friends that

Life Bytes

A Family Forever

It’s been a while since i last wrote a poem. It was last night during family CNY reunion dinner that

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Burn the Feeds – A Desperate Guide to Get Attention!

Now, I’m sure whenever you bump into a blog with a super high feed subscribers, you’ll probably have an urge