IMETC’08 Paper – Desktop Virtual Reality as an Educational Tool

Due to the requests from my friends, I have made my paper published in the proceedings of the 2nd International Malaysian Educational Technology Convention 2008 available for download. The convention was held in Kuantan, Malaysia from 5 to 7th November.

Encrypt Your USB Flash Drive

We all know how USB Flash Drive has changed the way we store our data files, from documents to videos. Flash drive are getting bigger in storage size and smaller in its design size. Of course, small things are easily misplaced or even stolen. Thus, if you’re storing important or confidential documents in your flash drive, you need a software to encrypt it. Of course, there are a lot of softwares available out there but here, i’m introducing TrueCrypt, a fast and reliable tool that get the job done and what’s more, it’s FREE. It’s easy to encrypt an USB flash drive with TrueCrypt. Once you have installed it, you’re required to create a TrueCrypt volume on a removable drive with preferable encryption option. Then,…

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A Year in Retrospect – My 2008

2008 has been a rather busy year for me mainly due to my decision to further my study at the Master’s level. For me, It was a good and timely decision as apart from getting immerised into the world of academics and research, I’ve opened up my horizon on a lot of things, thanks to the exposure I obtained from various conferences and conventions that i attended. Of course, there are some obstacles that I faced in 2008 but very minimal and I can say it’s been a splendid smooth year for me. So to make things simple, I have categorised some of my achievements according to the level of importance. Haha. Major Achievements [5 Stars] Completed 70% of my research-based Master’s degree project (Officially…

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Merry Xmas to All…My Facebook Profile Pix

I’m playing with photoshop again, and this time i created a Facebook profile with my head peeking out of a Xmas Message. Haha. It took me only 10 minutes and it was fun!

Xunlei – Thunder Portable Green English Edition with No Ads by HeHeHunter

Ok, this is a quick note on the latest great job done by Hehehunter. Now, we all know how well Xun Lei or Thunder 5 works on Malaysian servers (no thanks to the fair usage policy by TMnet and other ISP that reduced the speed of other P2P client). So thanks to Hehehunter, he has come up with the latest update on the English version of Xun Lei or Thunder version, which is now PORTABLE. No installation is needed (just copy and paste the program directory) and you can keep it in your protable drive as a useful and reliable “download friend”. Plus, it has no annoying ads!

The Joy of Learning “Engrish”

My earlier post prompted me to do a so-called sequel to the fun side of learning English. With its status as the lingua franca of the world, you’ll be amazed just how “diversified” the language is now. You have Singlish, Manglish and of course the ever so popular Engrish made popular by our good old friends in Japan. Haha. I made a selection of real pictures showing some usage of “Engrish” for your entertainment. We should be glad Manglish is not that confusing. :p

Crime Against English – Typical Malaysian Errors

Got this from a forwarded mail and thought it’s very useful to share with readers of blog. Haha. I’m a TESL graduate and I do think these errors are somewhat uniquely Malaysian’s. Enjoy while reading this.


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