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UseNeXT Free Access and Accounts

UseNeXT is currently offering a free trial of their Usenet newsgroup access. The free UseneXT account includes up to 150

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Happy Lunar New Year to all

Nothing much to blog lately and I’m going for a long Chinese New Year break. Would like to take the

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Free Domain and 1GB Web Space for Blogging

For all bloggers out there, have you ever wanted to have your own top level domain without spending a single cent? Well, dream no more, HyperWebEnable can fulfill your needs. It’s a new blog service who gives you your own domain and 1GB space for FREE. Yes, FREE.


How to write good abstract

For those of you who are heavily involved in research report writing or even publication of papers, you might face problems when trying to condense your research work into a short abstract. Most of the time, you’re required to submit an abstract for consideration of publication as it helps the editor to read through your work rapidly before getting into your full paper.

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Improving Your Short Story Workshop at MPH, The Spring

In conjunction with the MPH-Alliance Bank National Short Story Prize 2009, MPH is organising a workshop at The Spring, Kuching on 31st January 2009 (10am-1pm). The workshop on “Improving Your Short Story” will be conducted by Robert Raymer, the author of Lovers and Strangers Revisited. Click to read more…

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Free Chinese mp3 Songs Download by Google

In an effort to fight against music piracy in China, Google has teamed up with (co-founded by basketball superstar

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How to Earn Money with Adsense: Bloggers’ Guide

Before I begin with this guide, it’s good to know (for those who still don’t) what Google Adsense is. Google Adsense is basically an advertising program by Google aims at providing relevant ads related to your website content. Click to read more…