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Try Panda Cloud Antivirus BETA Today

The Evolution or Revolution? Panda has released a free anti-Virus offering that resides mostly off the host system and in

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What’s up Doc? Find Documents with DocMazy

Using Google to look for documents that you want on the World Wide Web, maybe a good idea. But sometimes,

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Tribute to Michael Jackson: World Tour in Kuala Lumpur 1996

It’s really sad that the world has lost a great music and entertainment icon. Controversial or not, Michael Jackson’s songs


Emma Watson Rare Exposed Photos

We all know her role in the Harry Potter movies and we have seen him growing from a cute little

Life Bytes

How to Eliminate Your Excuses, Seriously.

Undeniably, we all make excuses just for not doing things. Even at a very important moment, some would still give themselves excuses for escaping the reality. But the successful ones are those who can kill the excuses like the miserable maggots they are.

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Android now with Adobe Flash

Rejoice! Adobe and HTC are bringing Flash to Android (Google’s Linux-based Mobile OS) on its new Hero smartphone. The implementation

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Restaurant City Cheats and Tips with Cheat Engine

Okay, i know most of you are addicted to the Restaurant City game on Facebook. You might be wondering how