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5 Top Ways to Make Your Blog More Mobile Friendly

A more mobile friendly website not only allows you to reach a larger range of mobile phone users, it also

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7 Best Google AdSense WordPress Plugins

Let’s face it, handling Google AdSense placement on your WordPress-powered blogs can be a hassle at times especially when your

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First WordCamp in Malaysia (2010) Now Open for Registration

Just received email from WordCamp Malaysia team that the registration for the 1st ever WordCamp in Malaysia is now open.


WordPress: How to Show and Hide a Widget in Pages and Posts

Having too many widgets on the sidebar can affect the loading speed of your Wordpress blog. And sometimes, a certain widget is only needed for a specific page or post, especially for advertisements. To solve that, you can use this very useful plugin by Kaspars Dambis, called “Widget Context”. As the name suggest, it allows you to set when show or hide a widget. It allows a very good customization from Index pages to even a specific post by identicating the target URL.

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When Your Blog Got Deleted!

A friend of mine, who is also a blogger, gave me a panic call last week. Why? He screamed out

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Useful WordPress Security Plugins and Tips

Being an open source blogging system, WordPress is vulnerable to a lot of hacking and malware attacks particularly SQL injections.

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5 Tips to Improve Your Google Blog Search Ranking

Most bloggers will be wondering why their posts do not appear on the first page of Google Blog Search engine when they are in fact appearing top on the list in various popular search engine. This is because unlike most other blog search engines, the Google version ranks the search results according to relevancy and not solely traffics.