Looks like cloud computing is influencing the next-generation PC operating system with more and more mobile-like features are introduced for PC OS, starting with Apple’s OS X Lion and now Microsoft’s Windows 8. Here are some features that would be introduced in the new Windows OS.

1. New Windows Phone-Like User Interface

Microsoft confirmed that Windows 8 will have a tiles-based interface and it is called Immersive. It looks similar to the one seen on Windows Phone 7 and it is going to be used targeted for tablets as well.

2. Windows Live Integration

Windows 8 preview suggests that you’ll be able to use your Windows Live (or Hotmail) account to log into your Windows 8 computer

3. Cloud Integration

The Windows 8 Explorer interface gives hint that there will be integration with Microsoft’s cloud services such as SkyDrive and Live Mesh. Again, this is following the trend in enhancing better synchronization of files for users on the go.

4. Ribbon User Interface in Explorer

If you like the Ribbonised interface first introduced in Office 2007, then you’ll probably enjoy this. Most of Microsoft apps will be Ribbonised!

5. Built-In PDF Reader

It is said that Microsoft may include the capability for Windows 8 to load and display PDFs, with its own PDF reader they’re calling Modern Reader.

6. Xbox Live Integration

Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 8 will have Xbox Live in-built. It will be used to provide all media services in Windows 8, replacing the under-par Zune brand.

So what do you think of Windows 8?

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