The Good, The Bad, and The Strange: Weirdest Apps For Your Phone

We all know about all the cool apps you can get. There’s an application for practically anything. It’s a huge market with thousands of developers working across the world to create useful programs that people will hopefully be interested in. Some of them are big time-savers, as well as time-killers. You can micromanage your life to an incredible degree with a reverse phone lookup or budget calculator, or you could waste hours trying to complete that last level on Angry Birds. Yet, not every app has been so successful.


In an industry that constantly attempts to push the envelope, sometimes you can get weird results. That’s simply what happens when you try to think outside of the box and stay ahead of the competition. Either way, there are some seriously strange applications on the market. Some have been successful and some haven’t.


My Girl’s Day

The app called, My Girl’s Day, takes the prize when it comes to insensitivity. It hasn’t found many fans among women, but it has been downloaded by millions of people, likely men. What is this app, you ask? Well, it was created for people to map out their girlfriend or wife’s menstruation cycle. Some ask why, while others know the answer. You can get it through many app stores and proponents of the app argue that it was created in order to keep men aware of impending mood swings and odd food cravings. Not everyone has felt that this was a completely tasteful, or even helpful, application, but its developers never said that it was trying to be so. It’s good for a chuckle, or if you think you really need it, maybe you might find it helpful. Who knows?


Hold On!

The Hold On! app is one of those things that you ask yourself, why? If you’re wondering what it does, it’s all in the name. For just .99 cents, you can download this app and, wait for it, see how long you can hold on. There’s a timer on the screen that, once engaged, will count down the time. It’s so precise that it times you up to the millisecond. This app isn’t going to change the world, but it probably will change the way we settle bets at the local pub. For anyone interested, you can compete with your friends with the new multi-player feature or simply try and beat your all-time record. It brings a whole knew meaning to the idea of wasting time.



Most apps are used for a reason and are incredibly handy for one reason or another. You can kill time with many of these apps, but the Annoyance app is all about doing just the opposite, it’s designed to annoy you. Beyond it’s thirty-second, laugh value, it’s hard to determine why anyone would want to use this app. It’s complete with a sound board that features a number of different annoying sounds. You can bug your co-workers, play tricks on people, or just annoy yourself. Congratulations to us all, we’ve reached a whole new level in our capacity for unproductively and uselessness.

No one ever said that mobile devices could only inform and streamline our lives. We’ve made it to where they can be just as useless as staring at a wall. On the other hand, they could prove to be excellent time-killers. Sometimes they’re tasteless, but there’s something out there for every persons style of humor.



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