Happy 8th Birthday Google Adsense

It’s amazing how time flies and Google Adsense is now 8 years old. Google introduced Adsense publicly exactly on 18th June 2003 as shown here in the 2003 press release. Throughout these 8 years, Google Adsense has provided many monetary income for web publishers as well as allow better marketing mechanism for advertisers.

Many beginning web publishers probably jumped into the Adsense bandwagon thinking of getting easy money. But let the truth be told that it’s not as easy as many think. A majority of web publishers especially bloggers earn just enough from Google Adsense earning to pay utility bills though they are also some large proportion who can earn quite a sum for living. I still remember when I received my first cheque from Google in 2007. It was also my last cheque as after that I chose the Western Union option. I started off slow with Adsense, but now I can at least cover a lot of bills monthly.

Anyway, like or not, Adsense has helped millions worldwide to earn a considerable sum through their web pages.

Happy Birthday Google Adsense!

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