Game development may not be an easy task, however, with proper tools and guidance, you can go really far in the field. The key to game development apart from being creative is to have the will power to keep on trying no matter how many failures that you encounter. Recently, I had the opportunity to read Cengage Learning’s Game Development Essentials: An Introduction and it is really a very good book. It outlines what you need to making your own game. There are quotes from industry professionals and educators plus expanded sections on the newest trends in game development including mobile, social and serious games.

The book also cover discussions of technology in game software development – including 3D, motion control, augmented reality, game engines, and other development tools. It gives a good guide in how to maximise the tools for game development. And with the rapid enhancement in technology and computer graphics, game development may not be that daunting compared to years back.

Another crucial factor to be successful in game development is of course creativity. One really has to think outside the box and not merely duplicating ideas from existing games. That would not help. And it is easier said than done. Many game developers would tell you that in order to get that spark of ideas, they need to spend hours and hours doing research and reading. Trying to be different but at the same marketable may not be easy but it is a quest that all aspiring game developers should go through.

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