TERATO Tech’s Malaysia Most Wanted App for iPhone and Android

Malaysia mobile app developer, Terato Tech has just released another useful app called “Malaysia Most Wanted!” No, it’s not a model search app or a match making app, it’s an app that help to alert the police on missing individuals as well as criminals on the run. It’s an on-the-go app that provide latest information on the most wanted persons in Malaysia. This actually save a lot of time in spreading the news and Malaysians can notify the police with a simple tap on the button. Plus, you can even share the info on Facebook! Some of the screenshots are shown below, followed by the official press release. I have downloaded the Android version but have yet to really test it. Will do a proper review after this. Haha.

Terato tech launches Malaysia Most Wanted app

BANDAR BARU BANGI, October 11 — Fancy helping the police track down wanted and missing individuals? With Terato tech’s ‘Malaysia Most Wanted’, this is now a more achievable feat for concerned members of the public.

The application is supported on both the iPhone and Android phones, and allows users to share information on previously mentioned individuals through the community site Facebook and also through email.

Users can directly contact the police with a simple click of a button included in every individual’s detail page.

According to Terato tech Sdn Bhd managing director, Reza Razali, the app was developed using information provided from the Royal Malaysian Police Force website.

He also added that the user-friendly interface also provides useful crime- prevention tips, and it is easy to make full use of the application.‘Malaysian Most Wanted’ can be downloaded for free from the mobile App Store and the Android Market. Further information can be obtained from


  1. Minh Nguyen says:

    This will keep many people safe.

  2. ZoOL says:

    need to redesign the app so that it will look more appealing, even though it is just a “wanted poster’ or missing person notice app for iphone..

  3. Cyril Dason says:

    Cooll!! I’m getting this app.

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