Google rolled out its new social media baby on Tuesday in a not so unique name "Google Buzz". Instead of a standalone social media portal, Google Buzz is embedded into your Gmail account. Google, however, claimed that it is still in the process of enabling the features for all Gmail users. If you can’t wait, you can learn how to try it out immediately via this page.

What is Google Buzz?

Google Buzz will let you share photos, links, videos, and status updates through your Gmail inbox or your mobile device’s Web browser. Yup, sounds familiar? Microsoft and Yahoo! claimed they have offered such features for years. As far as I remember, Microsoft’s Window Live (or Hotmail) does offer similar features same as Yahoo profiles too.

But what makes Google Buzz stands out is perhaps its "autofollow" feature, that automatically follow people for you. Another difference its the alert and comments made within Buzz will appear on your Gmail Inbox. Okay, that doesn’t sounds good to me because with that it means your inbox will be full of "unwanted" comments. Perhaps Gmail team will sort this out by creating a separate tab for  Buzz notifications.

Not Just Another Social Media?

Yeah, maybe, but i doubt users would enjoy Buzz as much as they enjoy Facebook and Twitter. Perhaps not now and I bet Google will constantly improve Buzz the same way they did on Gmail. Before that time comes, I’ll be Buzzing around!


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