Maxis Malaysia to Get iPhone 4 in August

For those of you who just can’t wait any longer for iPhone 4, Maxis Malaysia has just released a “teasing” update that iPhone 4 “could be available” in Malaysia by August 2010. Maxis’ COO Jean Pascal van Overbeke provided the following hint during its interview with the Star on its plans to become a major mobile content provider in Malaysia:

With the growing popularity of Apple’s just-released iPhone 4 and iPad tablet computer overseas, the eyes of Apple fans in Malaysia are firmly on Maxis, especially since it already distributes the earlier iPhone 3GS.

Van Overbeke said the iPhone 4 could be available here by August, but declined to provide prices. And, he said, Maxis’ data packages for the smartphone “would not be very expensive.

Well, though Van Overbeke was trying to be “safe” by providing the vague statements, it could actually provide a hint that Maxis is already in the process of getting iPhone 4 into Malaysian market, slightly earlier than the expected release in September. But what is more important is its pricing and packages. Hopefully, the phone can be much more affordable than the overpriced unlocked version as available in the grey market.

On another note, Van Overbeke also said that Maxis is trying to bring iPad 3G to Malaysia but it still depends on Apple.

As for the iPad, he said it is possible that Maxis will be distributing the 3G version of the tablet computer. “But it’s really up to Apple at this point.”

“We were the first to introduce the iPhone to Malaysians and (because of that) some presume that it would be the same with the iPad.

“On the day of the iPad’s international debut, some people started coming in to our sales centres to see if we had stock,” Van Overbeke said.

Hopefully, Maxis would really materialse their plans of bringing in iPhone 4 and iPad very soon.

Read the full article from TheStar


  1. Michelle says:

    Aaah…can’t wait for this phone!! Maxis, please deliver it earlier!

  2. ZoOL says:

    NO! Don’t buy it. Wait till Apple fix the signal problem. Apple is very stubborn by stating that the problem caused by software not the antenna itself. There are proofs showing that the problem lies within the antenna of iPhone itself.

  3. stephen says:

    its really shame to stay with maxis and i have make a move to Digi…I call up to maxis center so many time to check the stock availblity but they keep given wrong info and keep no promise….WTF of this lousy service make my time wastig and all money gone in petrol and toll just hoping to sign up the rubbish package…..have been raised a complaint to Maxis but all are the stupid fellow and keep my ear suffering to listen those bull shit world….anyway thanks to them as i finally not as stupid as to sign up the plan since digi having better offer and service…make a change will be the best choice than keeping the old…

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