Samsung Galaxy S Chinese Text Input Apps Download

I received quite a number of emails requesting help on how to activate Chinese text input on Samsung Galaxy S. While it depends on your Galaxy S version (some Asian versions come with built-in Chinese IME), there are some apps that you can download and install. Here are a few notable ones (Just download them from Android Market).

1. Sogou Input

Sogou Input supports English, numeric and simplified Chinese language. It has 2 layouts, and supports hardware QWERTY keyboard. Wide symbols and emoticons coverage, safety dictionary backup process and popular vocabulary can be update at any times.

2. CedIME

CedIME supports Traditional Chinese Input Method (IME): Changjie (cangjie), Quick, Stroke, Zhuyin. It provides support up to Gingerbread 2.3 (thus far). This is probably one of the best apps for Chinese input.

3. Google Pinyin IME

This is also another popular Android app by Google. Some problem faced with Google Pinyin is that sometimes it won’t appear accurately on SMS that is sent out from its input. But you can try it out on your version of Samsung Galaxy S.

4. TouchPal Input

TouchPal supports English, Chinese PinYin, BiHua, WuBi, Voice Input and Handwriting. It also comes with quick stroke-filter after inputting whole or part of the PinYin.


If you know other good apps for Chinese Input, please share.


  1. ping says:

    after i type Chinese words and prepare to send it will show me “message may be corrupted on recipient device. change input mode to automatic” then i can’t send. if i send to people, they just can see question marks(??????)… can anyone help me ?

  2. Red says:

    y question mark only can display on thier phone after i send the massage for them using sogou input ??

  3. Elisa says:

    I am using English on screen. download some Chinese song on sd card. Unable to see the Chinese song titles . How to? thanks

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