MBO Cinema Coming to The Spring Kuching! – NOW OPEN!

Yes! MBO Cinema will open an 8-hall cineplex in Kuching’s largest lifestyle mall The Spring Shopping Centre. The 3-storey mall, touted as the largest in Sarawak, opened officially in early January 2008. The new MBO cineplex would be the only other cinema in Kuching other than Star Cineplex Kuching and the outlet in Riverside Kuching which was recently passed on by Metrowealth to Lotus Five Star.


Movie goers in Kuching can now expect a better experience in watching their favourite films. Though MBO is not a big player like Golden Screen Cinemas and Tanjung Golden Village, its first venture into the Kuching market would be largely welcomed by Kuchingites. According to the Spring management, the MBO Cinema is expected to be up and running in June 2009!


MBO Cinema is now open! The official launching date was on 09-09-2009, a very special date indeed!

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  1. Cyril Dason says:

    I have been waiting for ages for this. Rumor has it that Boulevard will also have a cinema (rumored to be GSC) when their second phase is completed.

    I hope they have the special ‘couple seats’ coz the divider in both STAR and Metrowealth is just annoying.

  2. amieyalen says:

    *winking to Cyril above* 😀
    hooray!!! another place to watch movie… Boring, everytime want to see movie, the only place will be Riverside, or Medan pelita… now, tHe Spring… Got my BAD they.. AWESOME!!!!

  3. XiuxIn says:

    Where are you ar? I thought you are in Penang. So far news also got related with you? 😛

  4. Erlinda says:

    i’m so MOVING to kuching i a couple of years or less!!!!!!

  5. imDavidLee says:

    thats good for u…u can enjoy shopping during economic crisis

  6. Kee Man says:

    David: Did i mention anything about shopping here? hehehe. And by the way, I do enjoy shopping during economic crisis because there are more promotions! 🙂

    • Rodolphe says:

      Hi Kee Man. Is this youir blog??? Just found it by accident and saw…..keeman in the name so i suddenly thought….what if…!!!

  7. EUDORA says:

    hopefully will have enough of couple sit for every couple who watch movie at the future new cinema and no such extra useless people……..

  8. akusikmok says:

    we have 3 different CEO Cinema in Kuching.
    so lu pk la sendiri..
    which is better for us to support..
    but for me better we support MBO n STAR..

  9. wtever says:

    tumpang lalu jap

  10. BokMETAL says:

    mun mbo ya, kluar crita HALLOWEEN 2…
    ya baruk aku cakap cineplex ya x da tandingan di antara cineplex lain di Kuching tok…

  11. escaallisa says:

    hmmmm……enjoy there..hope my husband can bring me there again n again…hahaha…

  12. Marky says:

    wish we can buy the ticket online.

  13. joseph says:

    was suprise tat the spring closed deal with MBO instead of GSC when bacak to kch early of this month. never been to MBO in kl n wish to bring my family together to try out the MBO in the spring when i back for cny.. no matter is rumor or wat, it’s will be great if GSC is open in kch cos i feel tat GSC is better la..especially online purchase ticket! hehe.. (im very lazy to Q-up at cinema)

  14. MARGARET says:

    is english film have chinese wording

  15. barbie says:

    my boy not in….wanna watch movie but how????

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