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How to Show Webcam While Screen Sharing on Facebook Live

This video explains how you could use Loom (for Chrome) to overlay your webcam view during Facebook Live Screen Sharing.

ARES X Pre-order KV

ILLEGEAR Launches ARES X – The Extreme Desktop Replacement Laptop with Modular CPU and GPU (Pre-Order Discounts!)

When it comes to extreme performance, there is always a niche in the laptop market offering desktop level of performance


Is It Safe to Use Open Bullet Cracker App?

There is a growing trend for some YouTuber to openly share how they use Open Bullet cracker software to kind

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Global Community of EduTubers, Educreators & EduStreamers

Prof Abd Karim Alias of University Malaysia Sarawak has setup a new Facebook Page for the global community of edutubers,

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Facebook Live Tips: Share Screen with Webcam View On

This quick guide shows you how to share screen via Facebook live without fully turning off your Webcam view. Facebook

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Create Khan-Style Whiteboarding Teaching Videos Rapidly

This video shows you how you can use Explain Eveything to create those screencasting videos used in Khan Academy. Pretty

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Maxis Fibre: Get Unlimited 4G WiFi for Free

Maxis is offering unlimited 4G for free while you wait for the Maxis Fibre to be installed at your home.