Affordable Blackberry Packages from Digi Malaysia

Wow, the Blackberry war in Malaysia is getting hotter! After Celcom and Maxis introduced their Blackberry plans, DiGi Malaysia has

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7 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Windows 7

Windows 7 is officially shipped worldwide and Windows fans are lining up trying to figure out which package is suitable

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Make Webpages Printer Friendly with The Printliminator

The Printliminator is a bookmarklet that gets any webpage ready to print. Once it’s activated, you can click on elements

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Reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

Yeah, sorry for the inactivity of this blog. Was kind of busy lately. Anyway, I managed to buy a copy

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Automatically Assign Screen Resolutions for Each User

If you’ve ever shared a computer with someone who has a different philosophy about screen resolution than you, you owe

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Cheaper and Better Apple iPod

Received the update newsletter from Apple, highlighting the latest generation of their iPod products launched on September 11, 2009. Not only they are updated with several new features, they are decently priced as well, making iPod more affordable. A quick check on Apple Store Malaysia showed the latest pricing and updates.

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Celcom Xpax to offer Blackberry Curve 8520 Plan

A great news to the growing BlackBerry community in Malaysia. Celcom Xpax is going to offer pre-paid plans for the latest Blackberry Curve 8520. BlackBerry Curve 8520 is deemed as the most affordable BlackBerry available so far and Celcom Xpax has indeed made the first step in making it more affordable for prepaid users.