Life Bytes

A Family Forever

It’s been a while since i last wrote a poem. It was last night during family CNY reunion dinner that

Life Bytes

I’ve got Tagged!

Oh yeah, here comes the tagging game again. Hehe. I just realised that Dazeree tagged me on 8 Matters. So

Money Sense

Till Debts Do Us Part

Today, it’s difficult to keep ourselves away from any form of financial debts. From educational loans to credit card repayment,

Life Bytes

Taking a break

Life’s been crazy for the last two months. Though i might not seem busy at home, a lot of things

Life Bytes

Youth08 – We are the TrendSetters!

Alright, to all Malaysian youths out there. It’s time to gather around and make our voice heard! Oh yeah, it’s

Current Issues Life Bytes

Malaysia08: Looking forward to a better year

Well oh well, we have come towards the final days of year 2007. It’s a meaningful year for Malaysia of

Current Issues

Flood Versus Election

Well, it’s been yet another terrible “year-end period” for those living in states hit by extreme floods. Yeah, water, water everywhere.