Motorola Atrix Now Available in Malaysia

The much-anticipated Android device with dual-core 1GHz processor is now officially available in Malaysia. The announced pricing for the device is RM1999 though some mobile merchants are already selling the phone at a lower price before its official release. The phone is one of the best smartphones for 2011 equipped with Biometric Fingerprint Reader but it comes only with Android Froyo 2.2 (Gingerbread upgrade is available later). Its nearest competitors, HTC Sensation and Samsung Galaxy S II have higher processing speed and comes with Android 2.3.

Motorola also offers sleek, innovative laptop dock that allows you to “transform” the phone to work like a laptop. This comes at a hefty price of RM1399. It’s rather a bold move since with the total money spent on the phone and the laptop dock, you can already get a very good light-weight full-fledged laptop.

There is also a multimedia dock that is priced at RM439. It allows you to connect the phone to a HD TV, allowing playing of multimedia content. The phone is packed with three user interfaces: phone, Webtop and media player, allowing you to switch from one to the other when you need it. Of course, it takes some times to get used to that!

The phone may look dull at first sight, but it’s packed with good features and powerful processor.

Full specs of the phone is available via Motorola Atrix website.

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