Maxis Finally Launches iPhone 4 Plans (with Contract Upgrade)

Competition is good! Before DiGi announced their plans and packages for iPhone 4, Maxis officially released their own package and plans yesterday. As expected, there is a slight drop in the price for iPhone 4 as compared to iPhone 3GS, in which you can get an iPhone 4 32GB at RM1,790 with a 1-year contract on iValue 1 Plan (RM100 per month). It’s cheaper than purchasing an iPhone 3GS 16GB via the same plan!

The Plans and Packages

There is also iData Plan, but iData 1 plan has been removed! The minimum fee for iData plan is now RM50 for 500MB of data bundle. With iData 2, you can purchase an iPhone 4 32GB at RM2,390 on a 1-year contract.

Full Rates and Plans is available Here.

Contract Upgrade

For those who are already under phone contract with Maxis (iPhone and any other smartphones), you can purchase iPhone 4 by extending your contract by 12 or 24 months depending on the iPhone 4 package that you choose.

Contract upgrade allows existing customers on a contract to purchase a new iPhone while retaining their existing mobile number.

If you are currently under a phone contract with Maxis (iPhone and selected smartphones), then you are eligible for a contract upgrade*. A contract upgrade extends your current contract for either 12 or 24 months depending on how many months is left on your existing contract.

For instance, if you are on a 12 months contract with 6 months remaining, you can purchase an iPhone 4 by extending the months on your current contract. Your new contract duration will be a total of your remaining months + the new contract upgrade period.

E.g. 6 months (remaining contract) + 12 months (new contract upgrade) = 18 months (new contract period)

So, while you’re not actually saving money, you’re actually saving time! Because you don’t have to wait until your contract ends in order to purchase iPhone 4!  This is good for those who are desperate to get iPhone 4!


But before you start bombarding the Maxis centres near you, please be aware that iPhone 4 will be available at selected Maxis Centres from 26 September 2010 and other selected Maxis Centres nationwide from 27 September 2010!

The keywords here are SELECTED and FROM. So don’t go yelling at the salesperson when they tell you “We don’t have iPhone 4 yet!” Hahaha


  1. TimmyLicious says:

    nice…i like iphone but just got nokia E72 not come up to a year…so its kinda waste of money. furthermore i do not really likes to use maxis…..its some bad perception i had on my mind about maxis…heheehehe

  2. ZoOL says:

    Hmmm.. Still not satisfy with how Apple deal with iP4 antenna problem.. Maxis will get a lot of complains if the antenna problem exists in M’sia…

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