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Streamyx COOL Uni Pack for Malaysian Undergrads – My Verdict

In line with the government announced the budget  last year, TM is now launching the RM50 RM38 per month package

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How to Buy a Laptop – A Guide for Students

Laptops or notebooks are getting more and more common these days. Instead of buying a desktop computer, most students or

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Teachers Beware: Facebook Student Stalkers Alert!

Alright! To all teachers who are happily showcasing their Facebook profiles out there, here is a reminder from the Ministry

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Fuyooh! HP Notebook Discounts for Students

In line with the HP Everyone Wants to be a Student campaign, the company is offering discounted HP and Compaq notebooks for university and college students. This is really a good news for those students who have a tight budget to consider.

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Top Web Tools for University Students

As a student, you cannot run away from the constant lament of "lack of time" to complete various assignments and