WhatsApp is now Free and Ad-Free for Now

In a blog post, Facebook-owned WhatsApp finally announced that it will be fully free! The minimal US$0.99 subscription fee (after

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Social Media: Jadilah Seperti Rashid – A “Be Like Bill” Copy Cat

Malaysians are all frenzied with the sudden appearance of “Jadilah Seperti Rashid” or Be Like Rashid on social media. While

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Help Facebook Improve by Signing Up as a Beta Tester

Facebook is now looking for beta testers to get the first look at upcoming Facebook products.  However, you need to

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BlogBuzzer – Ping Your Blog The Easy Way and Get Indexed Faster

It is often a problem for bloggers to get their blog posts shared across the web, mainly due to the

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How to Permanently Delete Facebook Account and Profile

Is Facebook conquering your life to the extent that you don’t have enough time to go out and get your

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Google Buzz – Not Just Another Social Media?

Google rolled out its new social media baby on Tuesday in a not so unique name "Google Buzz". Instead of

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Social Networking Sites You Might Not Have Heard Of!

We have all heard about Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, YouTube as well as Twitter. These are the leading "brand names" for