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eFront Contest – A Chance to Win $400 and a copy of eFront Community

Good news to fans and users of eFront learning management system (LMS) and the eFront team has announced a list

Life Bytes

Anti-PPSMI: Why go to the streets?

Suddenly, I feel rather angry with fellow Malaysians who just refuse to think properly before involving themselves in acts like

Life Bytes

The Joy of Learning “Engrish”

My earlier post prompted me to do a so-called sequel to the fun side of learning English. With its status as the lingua franca of the world, you’ll be amazed just how “diversified” the language is now. You have Singlish, Manglish and of course the ever so popular Engrish made popular by our good old friends in Japan. Haha. I made a selection of real pictures showing some usage of “Engrish” for your entertainment. We should be glad Manglish is not that confusing. :p

Life Bytes

Crime Against English – Typical Malaysian Errors

Got this from a forwarded mail and thought it’s very useful to share with readers of blog. Haha. I’m a TESL graduate and I do think these errors are somewhat uniquely Malaysian’s. Enjoy while reading this.