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TMgo 4G (LTE) Broadband Expands to Sarawak

Good news to Sarawakians, the highly anticipated TMgo 4G Broadband has finally expanded to Sarawak with good coverage in major

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UNIMAS News App Makes Its Official Debut on Google Play

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) has launched its first official Android app on Google Play, currently known as UNIMAS Early Edition.

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Motorola MOTO G From RM698 Now Available in Malaysia

Not many smartphones below RM1000 that really can amaze you but MOTO G redefine “cheap” smartphone with some pretty decent

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Samsung Ativ Tab 3: 64GB Windows 8 Tablet

Samsung ATIV Tab 3  (yeah it’s ATIV or ACTIV) looks similar to tablets offered by the South Korean firm, only

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Otterbox Defender for Galaxy S4: Your Adventure’s Companion

Following my first post on Otterbox Defender for Samsung Galaxy S4, I have spent about two weeks using the solid

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How to Determine a Fast Broadband Speed

How fast is your internet connection? The internet has become a necessity for this modern era. Technological advancements such as

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The Coolest Features In iOS 7

There’s so much buzz about smart phones and tablet devices we expect to see in the coming months that one