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First Look : Google Chrome OS

As a proponent of Cloud Computing, Google is in the process of finalising its latest open-source baby known as Chrome

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Make Webpages Printer Friendly with The Printliminator

The Printliminator is a bookmarklet that gets any webpage ready to print. Once it’s activated, you can click on elements

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Automatically Assign Screen Resolutions for Each User

If you’ve ever shared a computer with someone who has a different philosophy about screen resolution than you, you owe

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Xunlei Thunder 5.8.14 English Translation Pack

The latest Xunlei 5.9 has been encrypted and could not be translated. But don’t worry, you can still use Xunlei

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Windows 7 Upgrades Quick Guide

For those of you who are interested to switch to Windows 7, this is a quick guide on several issues

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Songbird: the Open-Source Music Manager

Songbird (another great app from MOZILLA) aims to do for media managers what Firefox did for Web browsers: trounce the

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Taskbar Shuffle: Rearrange your Windows Taskbar Items

Have you encountered the moments when you’re opening too many apps or folders that caused your Windows taskbar to be