Following my first post on Otterbox Defender for Samsung Galaxy S4, I have spent about two weeks using the solid casing through various outdoor activities which include hiking and jogging. Well, I must say, the casing is really your must-have companion when you’re on rough adventures. Why? Here are my Top 3 reasons:

It’s Solid and Can Withstand Drops

My Galaxy S4 dropped five times (from waist level to ground) with the Otterbox Defender casing “on” especially during hiking since I didn’t use the holster given because it looks a bit “old school” to have a phone clipped to your belt. But with Otterbox Defender, I wasn’t even worried about damaging my Galaxy S4. The durable silicone protection layer can withstand impact of multiple subtle drops; of course I’m not saying that you can purposely drop your phone from different illogical heights just to test it out. At least, it Otterbox Defender, you don’t have to scream when your S4 slipped off your pocket or your hand.


The Holster Holds Firm

If you prefer to clip your Galaxy S4 to your belt, then you can totally rely on the belt-clip holster included with the Otterbox Defender. The belt clip hold firms to your belt and the plastic is rock-solid. It’s not the usual belt-clip that seems easily broken. So, this is very handy when you’re engaging in outdoor activities that requires you to run a lot. You can even twist it and turn it into a viewing stand.


No Dust, No Dirt

I find the rubber plugs on the silicone layer of Otterbox Defender as very useful when you’re on tough adventures especially during dry weather when dust and dirt are like magnets to your phone. The rubber plugs actually prevent dust and dirt from collecting at the critical opening areas of your S4 (i.e. micro USB port and headphone jack).


So, if you’re on an adventure and would not want to leave our S4 behind, then you can count on Otterbox Defender. Even if you’re not an outgoing person, you might want to have this as a protection to your S4, especially from accidental drops.

The case is available from at only US$49.95. But we are giving away a brand new Otterbox Defender for you! All you have to do is to complete a simple slogan on our Facebook Page as shown below. Or simply click here for more details.


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