Google has secretly launched, short for What do you love? It’s an all-in-one search platform in which by answering the What Do You Love? question, it will list out the results from all Google products (images, books,maps, products, etc)

When you type in a keyword like “Malaysia” for example, you’ll see the results listed in various boxes, allowing an easy glance of everything indexed by Google. Some boxes however, still remain unchanged no ¬†matter what keyword you inputted such as Gmail and Groups. Perhaps Google is still fine-tuning or it may only be a marketing strategy rather than a new product per se.

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  • Jason Aldein, July 1, 2011 @ 9:20 pm Reply

    Sorry If you liked it but I don’t like it at all.Google made this to promote all of its products in one place.I wonder how many people will actually use it.

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