After Samsung showed the world its 55-inch prototype of glasses-free 3D at the FPD China trade show last month, Toshiba announced at the Toshiba World Conference in Rome that their version of glasses-free 3D set will be released within the next 12 months. The details on whether it could be done by next year are not official and it might take longer time for the manufacturer to introduce one. Even Samsung said their glasses-free 3D television might only hit the market in 3 years time.

The latest crave to go into glasses-free 3D TV is mainly due to the lack of interest among consumers to purchase a 3D TV as according to various surveys and reviews (Vizio TVs reviews), they would not want to watch it using the 3D glasses. It is perceived as troublesome and “weird” to do so while watching their favourite TV shows at home. So expect stiff competitions in introducing glasses-free 3D TV in the next 2 years.

Such rapid advancement and promotion are the result of many information technology degrees, as well as AACSB online MBA‘s.



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